Intercom Replace/Upgrade

If you would like to upgrade or replace your intercom you can follow the process below

Step 1.

Review the available answering unit options below or arrange a demo with the Building Manager.

Option 1. 2N Indoor Touch

$1195 incl. installation (while stocks last)

The 2N Indoor Touch 2.0 is a high end option which combines higher quality materials such as 4mm tempered glass to protect against accidental damage.  A high quality 7” touch screen provides the clearest view of visitors and the touch screen interface is easy to use.  Additional features include notification light, video voicemail and a 3 year subscription to the My2N Mobile Video App worth $240.

3 Year Warranty

Option 2. Grandstream GSC3570

$498 incl. installation

The Grandstream GSC3570 is a good entry level option which provides all the key features of a modern intercom system at an affordable price.  The 7” touch screen displays clear video and the touch screen interface make the intercom easy to use.  The unit also features multiple notification lights so you know when you’ve missed a call.

1 Year Warranty

Option 3. My2N Mobile Video App

$45 Per Mobile + $80 Annual Subscription.

The My2N Mobile Video App can be used by itself or in addition to an indoor unit. The App provides all the functionality of an intercom including high quality video on your phone. Greet your visitors with a single press of a button on your mobile phone where ever you have mobile coverage. Available for iOS and Android.

Note: The service is billed annually and cannot be cancelled before the annual renewal date.

Option 4. Voice Calling

$45 Per Number (one time setup fee)

Voice Calling can be used by itself or in addition to an indoor intercom unit.  Voice calling will direct a visitor’s intercom call to a mobile or local phone number as a standard voice call.  You can then use number codes to provide access.  This option is the most economical and only requires a one off service fee per number registration or update.

FeatureOption 1
2N Indoor Touch 2.0
Option 2
Grandstream GSC3570
Display7” Tempered Glass7”
Build QualityExcellentStandard
Video VoicemailYesNo
Missed Call IndicatorColour LEDDual Colour LED
Colour VariantsWhite, BlackWhite Only
Works with DoorbellYesYes
Dimensions (mm)235 x 165 x 40224.5 x 149.5 x 36.5
Mounting OptionsWall (included); Desktop (optional)Wall Only
Weather ForecastYesYes
Warranty3 Year1 year
Table 1

Step 2.

Submit the online form located here.

Note: you will need to be logged into the website to access the form. You can Register or Reset Password to access the website. If you cannot submit via the website please contact the Building Manager.

If you are unable to submit the request via the website complete the manual form and email it to

Step 3.

An authorised technician will contact you to arrange a time to install.

Once installed the quoted costs will be included in your next levy notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How long will it take to get my new intercom once the request is submitted

Answer: The time will vary depending on demand and stock availability. Typically a new install should be able to be completed within 2-3 weeks from the time the request is submitted.

Question: Can I add the Voice Calling or My2N Mobile Video App later if I change my mind?

Answer: Yes, you can add either of these at any time. Note that the My2N App is an annual subscription that can only be cancelled at the end of the 12 months billing cycle.

Question: Who will provide support for the new intercom system.

Answer: The first point of contact for any issues should be the Building Manager. If there are service costs due to a technician being required to look at this issue these may be charged to the lot if the issue is specific to the lot. You will be advised of any charges before servicing is arranged.

Question: I found another intercom unit that I like, can I have that installed.

Answer: No. The intercom is a central building system with many specifications that are required to be met, only hardware that has been tested and approved for use with the system can be installed.

Question: Can I install this myself or get someone else to install.

Answer: No. The intercom is a central building system which requires specific knowledge and expertise to service. Only a contractor approved to work on the system, by building management may service the system. Any unauthorised attempt to service or interfere with the system will result in the lot being liable for costs to remediate any issues caused.