General FAQ

Does security charge me if they can and assist?

If security is needed on site of ILK Apartments the lot reasonable will be liable to cover the fees involved.

How do I advertise something in the notice boards?

Send Word document of the advertisement to the Building Manager to approve and post. Please be aware that advertisements will only be posted for 2 weeks.

How do I book the Cinema or Dining and Lounge?

Please ensure you are registered as the website will not let you book. When you register it will ask you for a verification code. Please Contact Building Manager  to obtain your verification code.

Book the Cinema

Book the Dining Room

Please be aware the only bookable amenities are the Cinema and Dining & Lounge. BBQ area is not a bookable amenity.

How do I contact the Building Manager?

How do I get inducted to use my car stacker?

We recommend all residents that operate car stackers are inducted by MEI. This induction covers the Owner if the tenant misuses or hurts themselves operating the stacker. This also helps tenant have a better understanding of how the car stacker operates and how to troubleshoot basic problems. Please be aware that building management are not trained to induct residents and any problems regarding car stackers you must seek further assistance.

To book an induction you can Contact MEI

How do I make a complaint or send compliments?


If you are a tenant of the building your first point in contact will always be your Real Estate Agent who will speak on your behalf to the Owners Corporation Manager


If you are an owner wishing to report a resident breaching the rules you can Contact Owners Corporation

How do I move in or out of ILK Apartments?

All moves must be scheduled through the Building Manager. Please be aware moves are only permitted between Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm no public holidays. Height restriction of 3.1m inside of ILK Apartments car park. If vehicle is too high, we will not be liable for any parking fines or parking of any vehicles outside of the building.

You can also book a move via the website


How do I rekey my apartment door?


Contact your agent


You can Contact Matnick Security

How do I report a resident or visitor of a resident breaching the Owner Corporation Rules?


If you are a tenant of the building your first point in contact will always be your Real Estate Agent who will speak on your behalf to the Owners Corporation Manager


If you are an owner wishing to report a resident breaching the rules you can Contact Owners Corporation

How do I use my intercom? How do I give access to guest?

Please see the Intercom Manual on the Apartment Manuals page

I am locked out of my apartment; how do I get back in?

If you are locked out after-hours and your apartment door is locked unfortunately, you will need to contact a locksmith.

Building Management does not hold any apartment keys. If you are a tenant and it is within business hours, we would recommend contacting your Real Estate Agent for spare keys

Floor Access Only: Building Manager Hours

Contact Building Manager

Floor Access Only: After-hours

Contact Security


My car stacker is not working, what do I do?

There are two main reasons for your car stacker to stop working:

  1. If the emergency button is pushed in your stacker will not move. Please ensure the emergency button is released.
  2. If a surrounding stacker is not in the home position this will stop your stacker from working. Please check if surrounding stackers are in the home position.

If the first 2 steps are unsuccessful you will need to seek professional assistance as described below


Contact your agent


Contact MEI

My intercom stopped working, how do I fix it?

First thing is to do a hard reset on the device to do this please follow the below instructions:

  1. The device is on a holder to detached from the holder you will need to push up from the bottom of the device to unhook it.
  2. Once unhooked you will see 2 power cords in the back of the device, these will need to be disconnected.
  3. Once disconnected you will need to ensure all power is out of the device, hold down the key button and wait until all lights are off (give it a minute or 2).
  4. Reconnect the device to the power cords you disconnected previously and attach the device back onto the holder.

If problems persist, tenants please contact your Real Estate Agents or Owners can Contact Expert Security (Apartment Intercoms)

My parcel or package has been misplaced or stolen, what do I do?

Building management always recommends any deliveries to be either collected directly or be collected from Australia Post, we do not take any responsibility for any parcels or packages that has been misplaced or stolen. Please be aware that the foyer area is not a secure place for your deliveries to be left. If you suspect that your delivery has been misplaced or stolen follow up with your courier to confirmed it was delivered after that you will need you file a police report.

To file a police report you will need to contact the police assistance line on 131 444.

Once those steps are taken please send building management an email to inform the following steps has been taken.

Please remember we are not police officers you will need to do the proper procedure to get the results you want.

My smoke alarm is beeping, (but it is not the fire warning alarm)?

Some fire alarms beep because the battery is low (it is a quite different type of beep than the fire alarm warning sound).  If the battery is low, you should change the battery immediately. Only working fire alarms save lives, so be sure to change the battery regularly.

My Swipe (FOB) or Remote has stop working, how do I fix this or order a new one?

If your FOB (Swipe) stops working, there are two reasons why:

  1. If you hold your FOB to the scanner and it recognise the FOB but does not give you access this could indicate a coding issue.
  2. If you hold your FOB to the scanner and it does not recognise the FOB this would indicate the FOB is faulty.

If your Remote stops working, there are two reasons why:

  1. The red button indicates the remote has power if the red button stops working this means the battery needs to be changed. Once you change the battery this could possibly reset the whole device meaning it will need to be recoded. This issue can be resolved by building management if the battery is already replaced.
  2. If you change the battery and the red button is not working this would indicate the whole remote will need to be replaced.

For new Keys, Remotes and FOB please see Key/Swipe/FOB/Remote Ordering

My TV signal is not strong, how do I fix it?

Check all cabling in connected correctly and rescan all your television channels. If the following doesn’t work, there could be a problem with either your output or cable. Please seek further advice by a professional.

Unauthorised vehicle in my car park, what can I do?

As your car park is classified as a private lot you may tow unauthorised vehicles if you wish to take those steps. Unfortunately building management has no authorisation for car parks and cannot assist. You can install a car park bollard to avoid unauthorised vehicles but please be aware you will need to seek Body Corporates approval. If you are found to be parking on “common property” (any space within the car park that is not a private spot) you will be fined by the Stonnington Council. Please find alternative parking if you are stuck without a car park.

What are the Building Manager hours?

What are the Owner Corporation Rules?

What do I do if my power goes out?

There are two main reasons for power going out. First, check to ensure the circuit breaker has not tripped in the main electrical switchboard, then follow the steps below:

  1. If the circuit breaker is in the “on” position, it means there could be an overload (the demand for electricity has exceeded the capacity of the distribution system to supply it). Switch off or unplug your appliances and reset the circuit breaker. Beware of plugging too many appliances into power boards; this is a common cause of power surges in apartments.
  2. If step one does not work, you may have a faulty appliance. Switch off or unplug your appliances one-by-one until you have found the culprit. Have the faulty appliance repaired or replace it.

If the first 2 steps are unsuccessful, please Contact Building Manager if the hours are between 8am-4pm (weekdays) or Contact Security (General Building) for after-hour assistance.

What happens if I need repairs completed in my apartment?


If you are a tenant of the apartment you will need to contact your Real Estate Agent to assist you in any repairs or maintenance within your apartment.


If you are an Owner, you will need to seek your own tradesman for any repairs or maintenance to your apartment.

What is Security’s number?

Please see Contact Security

What is the fee for the Cinema and Dining and Lounge?

Cinema is a $100 bond, please note online orders will be returned to the amount, less the administrative processing fees of 1.75% (+ 30¢) for domestic card purchases and 2.9% (+ 30¢) for international card purchases.

Dining and Lounge is a $200 cleaning fee which is non-refundable.

Please take note that Dining and Lounge is open to all Residents between the hours of 8am-10pm Sunday-Thursday and 8am-11pm Friday and Saturday unless booked privately.

What is the noise restriction within ILK Apartments?

Where are the Charity Bins located? What items can I put in there?

Charity Bins are located on the highest level of the car park (LG “Lower Ground”) at the top of the ramp of the right-hand side.

For residents living in the North Tower go to ground floor turn right and walk down the corridor that states “Combined Hydrant & Sprinkler Pump Room” once inside the door on your right will lead you to where the charity bins are located.

For residents living in the South Tower go to ground floor turn right out of the lifts and right again down the corridor enter through the door straight ahead. Once inside the door turn left and walk to the end of the car park charity bins are on your left.

Diabetes Victoria Clothing Collection only accepts the following in good condition:

  • Clothes
  • Bags
  • Sporting goods
  • Shoes
  • Blankets

They also accept other items which includes:

  • Books
  • Pots and pans
  • Cutlery and plates

Where can I put my hard waste?

ILK Apartments have a hard waste collection every 3 months. Residents will be given 2 weeks’ notice before the collection weekend begins. Residents are to dispose of any hard waste they have accumulated in the B2 bin room. No hard waste is to be dumped in the B2 bin room apart from the scheduled collection weekend. Any resident found to be in breach of this will be liable for any charges to remove the items dumped. Please consider we do have charity clothing bins available for small goods items.

Where can my visitors park?

We do not have any visitor parking within the ILK Building. Every car spot within the ILK Building is owned and for private use only. Visitors will need to park outside of the Building. Visitors parking in common areas or in other people’s car parks will either be fined or towed.

Where do I find apartment appliance manuals?