General FAQ

How can I use the WiFi in Common Areas

ILK WiFi is available in the common areas on Level 3 & Level 9 between 5AM and 11:00PM every day.

Refer to the ILK WiFi Page for more information

How do I advertise something in the notice boards?

Send Word document of the advertisement to the Building Manager to approve and post. Please be aware that advertisements will only be posted for 2 weeks.

How do I book the Cinema or Dining and Lounge?

Please ensure you are registered as the website will not let you book. When you register it will ask you for a verification code. Please Contact Building Manager  to obtain your verification code.

Book the Cinema

Book the Dining Room

Please be aware the only bookable amenities are the Cinema and Dining & Lounge. BBQ area is not a bookable amenity.

How do I move in or out of ILK Apartments?

All moves must be scheduled through the Building Manager. Please be aware moves are only permitted between Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm no public holidays. Height restriction of 3.1m inside of ILK Apartments car park. If vehicle is too high, we will not be liable for any parking fines or parking of any vehicles outside of the building.

You can also book a move via the website


My parcel or package has been misplaced or stolen, what do I do?

Building management always recommends any deliveries to be either collected directly or be collected from Australia Post, we do not take any responsibility for any parcels or packages that has been misplaced or stolen. Please be aware that the foyer area is not a secure place for your deliveries to be left. If you suspect that your delivery has been misplaced or stolen follow up with your courier to confirmed it was delivered after that you will need you file a police report.

To file a police report you will need to contact the police assistance line on 131 444.

Once those steps are taken please send building management an email to inform the following steps has been taken.

Please remember we are not police officers you will need to do the proper procedure to get the results you want.

What happens if I need repairs completed in my apartment?


If you are a tenant of the apartment you will need to contact your Real Estate Agent to assist you in any repairs or maintenance within your apartment.


If you are an Owner, you will need to seek your own tradesman for any repairs or maintenance to your apartment.

What is the fee for the Cinema and Dining and Lounge?

Cinema is a $100 bond, please note online orders will be returned to the amount, less the administrative processing fees of 1.75% (+ 30¢) for domestic card purchases and 2.9% (+ 30¢) for international card purchases.

Dining and Lounge is a $200 cleaning fee which is non-refundable.

Please take note that Dining and Lounge is open to all Residents between the hours of 8am-10pm Sunday-Thursday and 8am-11pm Friday and Saturday unless booked privately.

What is the noise restriction within ILK Apartments?

What is the verification code for the website?

The website is a secure place where only residents have access.

To create an account on the website please contact building management to authorise a verification code for you.