ILK is moving from blue to grey!

  • The ILK security system is old and is becoming unreliable. This has inconvenienced many of our residents, including times when access to the cinema was blocked on a weekend, or when their fobs wouldn’t allow them access to their floor.
  • The system is so old that very soon we will not be able to have it supported or have problems fixed in a timely manner.
  • Because of this we are replacing the security system, with a new modern system that should see the building offer reliable and future proofed security services for many years.
  • As part of this we are replacing the FOB readers at both the doorways an in the lifts.

You will shortly be contacted to come down to the building mangers office and get a new set of fobs for your apartment replacing the existing blue fobs with grey ones.

New Fobs

Our new readers will be installed over a period of the next couple of months and during this time you will need to keep both of the fobs with you until all of the old readers have been replaced as the new fobs will only work with the new readers.