Contact Building Manager

Facility Management 1 Pty Ltd employ all the onsite Staff at ILK Apartments.

The Building Managers contact details are provided below;

Ph: 0499 400 620

The Building Manager’s hours are from 8.00AM – 4.30PM Monday – Friday.

The Building Manager is available outside of these hours for emergencies only. Emergencies are defined as building or life threatening. If not an emergency please use the contact form below to send through your query. The Building Manager will respond accordingly.

The Building Managers Office is located on the Ground Level of the South Building (227)

Contact Expert Security (Apartment Intercoms)

Expert Security handle the apartment intercom systems

P: 1300 099 888

Contact Matnick Security (Apartment Keys)

Matnick Security are the locksmiths that provide apartment keys for ILK Apartments.

Ph: 03 9300 8899


Please contact your agent or landlord


If you wish to order keys, please see Key/Swipe Ordering

If you wish to rekey your aparment, contact Matnick as above

Contact MEI (Stackers)

MEI are the contractors that look after car stacker issues after-hours

Ph: 1300 911 699

Their hours are:

  • 4.30PM – 8:30am Monday – Friday
  • Weekends

Contact Owners Corporation

Bluestone OCM Pty Ltd
Level 3, 312 St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC 3004
Office Hours: 9.00AM – 5.00PM Monday – Friday

Ph: 03 8535 2770

Contact Security (General Building)

MONJON Security have been engaged as the security contractor for ILK Apartments.

They will respond to:

  • Noise Complaints
  • Lock outs
  • Security Breaches
  • To stop residents moving in/out after hours or on weekends

Ph: 0417 666 566

Their hours are:

  • 4.30PM – 8:30am Monday – Friday
  • Weekends

Please be advised that all charges will be levied back to the responsible Lot.

If you are found to be in breach and/or creating a nuisance, you will be liable for the call out fee.


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